Internet Reserve service member terms

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Article 1: The observance of basic matter
On sign-in, please observe general manner and morals of use of Internet and technical rule to customer.
Article 2: Measures when it is against basic matter
Act that might affect act such as giving third party nuisance, disadvantage, act to feign sign-in content, our service is remarkably against these terms again, and we may decline the use of service in our Web to customer performing inadequacy and act to judge.
Article 3: Self-responsibility of member
When member uses this service, about act that we performed by oneself and those results, we shall bear the responsibility with or without presence, fault of own act. In addition, member shall solve dispute with the third party concerned in responsibility and burden on self when we damage third party on using this service. When member damages us in violation of these terms, we shall be able to demand compensation of all damage that covered from the member concerned.
Article 4: Management such as subscriber ID and password
Please manage ID number, password in the person. We do not take responsibility about outbreak of the damage accompanied with misappropriation of third parties such as ID number, password at all.
Article 5: Disclosure of registration contents
We may not disclose member data registered with our Web to third party without with consent of the person. But the following cases may disclose registration contents without agreement of the person.
  • 1. When it is judged that member gives disadvantage to third party, we can notify third party and police concerned or associated organizations of member data.
  • 2. When disclosure about member data is demanded from court or organization having authority that followed this, we can disclose information.
Article 6: Verboten
  • (1)Member must not perform the following act using member service. In addition, by method except method that we appointed, you must not use member service.
    • a) Act to violate this member terms.
    • b) Act that might damage privacy, honor of us or third party or trust.
    • c) Act that we violate of patent right, trademark of us or third party, copyright or other property or personal right or might violate.
    • d) Or limit disturb the use of member service of third party.
    • e) Slandering us or third party, and slandering or letting you have unpleasantness.
    • f) Act that of buying and selling or financial interest grows between third party by our method that we approved.
    • g) Or the transmission write in harmful computer programs.
    • h) Act to interfere with business of us or third party.
    • i) Act that might adversely affect young mind and body.
    • j) Transmit spam mail, junk e-mail, chain letter.
    • k) Act against public order and morals.
    • l) Act that might be tied to crime.
    • m) Act to violate laws and ordinances.
  • (2)When member violates rule of foregoing paragraph, we shall be able to demand all damage, losses that occurred in us and compensation of expense for the member concerned.
  • (3)We cancel offer of member service for the member concerned promptly without notifying the member concerned when we know that we perform act that member violates Honjo Clause 1 or when we judge when act of member might violate Honjo Clause 1 and can take deletion such as information that the member concerned released, appropriate measures of others.
Article 7: Deletion of information
  • (1)System for member service can delete information that we recorded the member concerned without person whom we or we appointed notifying following cases, members.
    • a) When person whom we or we appointed judges that recorded information corresponds to act prohibited by Article 6 Clause 1.
    • b) When capacity of recorded information exceeds predetermined quantity.
    • c) When we judge that person whom other we or we appointed has to delete information.
  • (2)We do not assume an obligation we do oneself or our person who appointed and watch recorded information or to delete. Even if other members or third party suffered damage because person that we or we appointed information that member recorded did not delete us, about the damage concerned, we shall not suffer responsibility at all.
Article 8: This system down
When we correspond to the following items, our system may stop without getting prior notification and consent to user.
  • 1. In the case of maintenance of our system
  • 2. When we cannot but urgently stop system (natural disasters)
  • 3. In addition, when we judged us to be necessary
Article 9: Disclaimers
When user uses our system, we shall not take the responsibility about the following items even if the damage occurs to user and third party by any chance.
  • 1. When there is reason that should come to responsibility of third parties such as cancellation of reservation by third party
  • 2. When we correspond to Article 4
Article 10: Change of system and contents about Web and sign-in
We change us without notifying beforehand when we judge that change of system and contents about our Web or sign-in is necessary.
Article 11: Change of terms
We may change these terms without doing prior notice. After the contents change, only contents after change shall remain in effect.
Privacy Policy
About personal information that we were able to know at the time of Reserve time and stay, we manage in each hotel (guranviriohoteru, HOTEL ROUTE-INN, route Inge orchid tear, Ark Hotel, Himeji kiyassuruguranviriohoteru, guranviriorizotosaipan) in route Inge loop and headquarters. We use personal information that had you register for the following purpose.
  • (1) We use for Reserve management of customer who uses, stay management, request management, usage history management.
  • (2) Mail, facsimile, email, others and order are means to drag and send various guidance. In addition, we have to cancel the sending when there is proposal from the person.
  • (3) We use for various marketing, sales promotion in route Inge loop, service improvement.
  • (4) We use to perform answers to various inquiries from customer. In addition, as a general rule, we perform answer only to the person. In addition, about our privacy policy, please confirm this.
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