〒994-0024 1-13-22, Kamata, Tendo-city, Yamagata
◆Is car than Yamagata Expressway Yamagata north interchange; about ten minutes ・Yamagata-shi about 15km about 25 minutes (via Route 13) ・Yonezawa-shi about 65km about 1 hour 30 minutes (via Route 13) ・Shinjo-shi about 51km about one hour ten minutes (via Tohoku Chuo Expressway/Route 13) ・Tsuruoka-shi about 100km about 1 hour 30 minutes (use of high speed/Yamagata Expressway/Tsuruoka IC - Yamagata north IC) ・Sendai-shi about 75km about 1 hour 15 minutes (from use of high speed/Tohoku Expressway/Sendai Miyagi IC - Murata JCT Yamagata Expressway - Yamagata north IC) [by bus] ◆It is about 8 minutes on foot from in front of Shinoda Hospital ・In front of the Tendo bus terminal - Shinoda Hospital by Yamako bus (from Tendo Station) (about five minutes/180 yen) ・In front of the Yamagata station square - Shinoda Hospital by bus (from Yamagata Station) Yamako (about 45 minutes/580 yen); [by express bus] ・Sendai Station → The 1,520 yen 1st fifth flight one-way for Tendo Station Yamako bus about 1 hour 20 minutes ・Tokyo Station (Yaesu Street) → 6,650 yen one-way for Tendo Station Yamako bus, northeastern express (※ each night travel) about seven hours ◆Tendo Station → It is about 5-10 minutes by this hotel taxi use ※About 800 yen by traffic condition ・Yamagata Station → Tendo Station JR Ou Main Line (about 21-27 minutes) ・Yonezawa Station → Tendo Station JR Ou Main Line (about 1 hour 26 minutes) ・Shinjo Station → Tendo Station JR Ou Main Line (about 50 minutes) ・Tsuruoka Station → Tendo Station JR Ou Main Line/(Tsuruoka - Amarume - Shinjo - Tendo) about 3 hours 13 minutes ・Sendai Station → Tendo Station JR Senzan Line high speed/(Uzenchitose) - JR Ou Main Line/(Tendo) (about 1 hour 45 minutes) [from airport] ◆By our Yamagata Airport ⇒ hotel car 8km about 20 minutes airport liner (please refer to jitney ※ taxi company directly. It is) 800 yen until 17:00 of the day before use ・Yamagata Airport → 2,470 yen (small size) about 20 minutes by taxi from Tendo Station ・Yamagata Airport → Yamagata Station shuttle bus about 30 minutes 980 yen ・Haneda Airport ⇒ Yamagata Airport (about one hour) ・Nagoya Airport ⇒ Yamagata Airport (about 1 hour 15 minutes)
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  • TEL: 023-656-9511
  • FAX: 023-656-9512
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  • large communal bath
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