〒900-0021 1-19-12, Izumizaki, Naha-city, Okinawa
It is approximately 3 minutes on foot from Okinawa Monorail (Yui Rail) Asahibashi Station by car by Okinawa Expressway Naha IC car from Naha Airport for approximately ten minutes for approximately 20 minutes ※It is others from Naha Airport to Asahibashi Station for approximately 11 minutes (use of Yui Rail): It is approximately 1 minute on foot from Naha bus terminal
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  • TEL: 098-860-8311
  • FAX: 098-860-8010
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We began freshly baked bread!

We offered croissant and Danish hot from the oven on breakfast menu at our hotel.
You bake in oven bakery which you installed in breakfast venue and, with fragrant flavor, can eat bread hot from the oven!

Wi-Fi spot introduction

In all guest rooms and lobby, we established Wi-Fi spot.
Customer who has apparatus that Wi-Fi including smartphone and tablet is usable
You can use the Internet by Wi-Fi connection in free of charge.
Please use.

※We are fully equipped with Wi-Fi spot of SoftBank.

The route in Naha Asahibashi Station east (former: route in Izumizaki, Naha)

Prefectural office and Kokusai Street are near to hotel, too, and both Naha bus terminal and monorail Asahibashi Station and less than three minutes and means of transportation on foot are enriched and are very convenient for base of business and sightseeing.
We look forward for to be able to spend relaxed time in southern country, Okinawa with all the staff smile.

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Please enjoy Doutor Coffee.

In the route in Naha Asahibashi Station east, we offer welcome coffee (self-service) of Doutor in lobby.
Please enjoy coffee which is high in flavor of full-scale open fire roast.

◆It is 00 00-22 00/15 - 10 at 6:30 at use of Self Service Café time

Route Inge loop tie-up restaurant meal ticket

It is meal ticket which is available in restaurant of meal ticket business partner of the prefecture.
Please enjoy meal of Okinawa by plan of with convenient meal ticket.

We take Reserve of plan with meal ticket from this!

It is ... with meal ticket
After having finished work at hotel of business trip destination, in Dinner!
Save a lot, and for family and friend and drinking party!
Business can use for trip in various scenes.

Meal ticket tie-up restaurant (route in Naha Asahibashi Station east (former: around Izumizaki, Naha)
◆From *kyuhonhosho*kodo hotel a 1-minute walk
◆From Ryukyu dishes chinuman hotel a 3-minute walk
◆From Kanaloa Table hotel a 3-minute walk     

It is available around other route in of the prefecture. It is available in partner restaurant of the following hotel.
For more details, please refer at each hotel.
Route in Naha Tomari Port (former: Naha Maejima)
Route in Naha
Route in Nago

Information for dehumidifier setting

We install dehumidifier in all guest rooms at our hotel and operate from before customer arrival.
Therefore it is understood that slightly indoor temperature rises at the time of room entrance and would appreciate your understanding.
In addition, setting of dehumidifier is adjustable in guest room.
Please refer to the front desk if you have any questions.

It is very good access to main stations, main pivot places [Izumizaki, Naha]

Naha Airport ⇒ hotel           Car ten minutes
Naha Airport ⇒ Naha bus terminal bus ten minutes
Naha bus terminal ⇒ hotel     A 1-minute walk
Getting on at monorail Naha-Airport Station ⇒ Asahibashi Station 11 minutes
Getting on at monorail Naha-Airport Station ⇒ Tsubogawa Station nine minutes
Getting on at monorail Naha-Airport Station ⇒ Kenchomae Station 12 minutes
Monorail Asahibashi Station ⇒ hotel      A 3-minute walk
Monorail Tsubogawa Station ⇒ hotel      A 7-minute walk
Monorail Kenchomae Station ⇒ hotel    A 7-minute walk
Kokusai Street ⇒ hotel          A 7-minute walk
Okinawa prefectural government office ⇒ hotel           A 5-minute walk
Okinawa Prefectural Police ⇒ hotel           A 5-minute walk

※In the case of traffic jam, there is change of the time required.

Advantageous route in ferry pack!

Advantageous pack that ROUTE-INN HOTELS complimentary ticket (for 3,000 yen) was bundled with the ferry embarkation!
Please use for business and trip.

Reserve, the details are this!

Furthermore, we close indication
Hotel basic information
Check IN/OUT
15:00 / 10:00
Credit card
  • ・VISA
  • ・JCB
  • ・Diners Club
  • ・American Express
  • ・UC
  • ・DC
  • ・Master Card
  • ・Debit card
  • ・iD
  • ・In addition, (electronic money: WAON, Ponta)
The nearest convenience store
A 1-minute walk from Lawson
Hotel facilities, service
  • Buffet free breakfastBuffet free breakfast
  • Internet line,  free of charge WifiInternet line
    ・ free of charge Wifi
  • The WOWOW seeing and hearingThe WOWOW seeing and hearing
  • All rooms humidification air cleaner & ceiling implantation form nano E generatrix settingAll rooms humidification air cleaner &
    & ceiling implantation form nano E
    Generatrix setting
  • Internet reading cornerThe Internet
    Reading corner
  • 24 hours front desk permanent residence24 hours front desk permanent residence
  • Wake-up call serviceWake-up call
  • Home delivery serviceHome delivery service
  • Vending machineVending machine
  • Ice machineIce machine
  • Iron rentalIron rental
  • Pants presser rentalPants presser rental
  • Baggage custodyBaggage custody
  • FAX, copy service (Charged)FAX, copy service
  • VOD room theater (Charged)VOD room theater
  • Rental PC (Charged)Rental PC (Charged)
  • Cleaning (Charged)Cleaning (Charged)
  • Self Service CaféSelf Service Café
  • large communal bathlarge communal bath
  • Parking lot ( free of charge)Parking lot ( free of charge)
  • Coin laundry, dryerCoin laundry ・