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In ROUTE-INN HOTELS, we are running four kinds of hotel brands now in the whole country. In the case of new store development, we ascertain needs of characteristic and customer of the land and we plan the most suitable hotel brand hotel type and open a store.

HOTEL ROUTE-INN Applicable hotel list



With original warm service quality
We investigate satisfaction of customer of business use. HOTEL ROUTE-INN

HOTEL ROUTE-INN which investigated functionality and convenience that were conscious of business scene mainly composed of accommodation without being seized with location. We are proud of deep-rooted popularity as business supporter of customer. We were fully equipped with parking lot and large communal bath and met needs of businessmen of the use by car. In addition, we offer healthy, delicious buffet breakfast and provide time to give ease and vitality.
ROUTE-INN GRANTIA Applicable hotel list


Hotel Grand tear Wakamiya ROUTE INN GRANTIA WAKAMIYA

We practice multidirectional approach to draw staying pleasure to the maximum.
Route Inge orchid tear.

"Grand tear" which comes from Italian with "magnificent" toiu meaning. We offer multidirectional function compactly so that customer can use without reservation. It is good to slightly unsatisfactory time and slight trip in budget hotel.
ARK HOTELApplicable hotel list


Ark Hotel Kumamoto ARK HOTEL OKAYAMA

By the making of space that paid attention to life stage
It supports a variety of how to use to generation. ARK HOTEL

Urban hotel where Ark Hotel presents 8 stores of the whole country around major cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hakata. We include function ranging from wedding to banquet to be available depending on life stage and purpose of customer anytime. The appearance that is urbane, and is high sense, refined guest room with presence of mind, brightly refined interior are most suitable for customer and female guests wanting time of healing that is deluxe with elegant atmosphere.
※We are carrying out "free breakfast service" "mineral water present" in Reserve from homepage now.
GRANDVRIO HOTEL Applicable hotel list


Quality that it is satisfied location and heart to be able to enjoy seasonal nature. GRANDVRIO HOTEL

guranviriohoteru where hospitality to provide impression of trip to hotel facility, customer suitable for location and leisure and life event among magnificent nature is like features. It is satisfied heart in beauty treatment salon while feeling comfort of nature…. After having had fun of golf, we soak in natural hot spring slowly…. We spend important day while enjoying outstanding view in Japan…. We can realize such a joy in time going by more relaxedly, and smile is overflowing hotel.