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Information for "Eco DE route in" new privilege

<please cooperate with global environment maintenance activity>

In ROUTE-INN HOTELS, we ask customer worked as more than 2 nights for cooperation of "Eco DE route in" for global environment maintenance.
It is new privilege to customer who had Eco DE route in cooperate from Thursday, December 15, 2016!

By one application one piece of scratch card of Ponta200 point,
Or selectable drink one service

※Drink, please choose one from mineral water, green tea, beer Chu-Hi.
※In the case of drink, it becomes handing over for number of people of one room.
※Drink becomes handing over at normal temperature.
※When we get up in some stores, kinds of drink to offer may be different.

[with Eco DE route in?]

It is approach in consideration for environmental conservation.
It is said that bedclothing, hall everyday clothes remain a state at the time of outing without changing guest room linen and equipment.
・We change towel, toothbrush.
・We perform fire, confirmation of place equipped with a water supply, collection of cigarette butt, garbage every day.
・We usually clean in hygiene 1 times in three days.
(but frequency may vary according to rules of public health center depending on store)

※We become able to apply from guest more than 2 nights.

Please cooperate with "Eco DE route in".

■Target hotel: HOTEL ROUTE-INN HOTEL ROUTE-INN coat route Inge orchid tear

※The following hotel is inapplicable.
Ark Hotel guranviriohoteru Grand tear stone wall, route in Miyako, route in Tome, route in Tagajo Station east, route in Kesennuma, route in Kamaishi

One piece of Ponta point 200P scratch card or one selectable drink gives a service by one application!
In addition, in the case of drink, it becomes handing over for number of people of one room.

[about application]
Ask application to the front desk. (until day before 24:00 on day you like)

・This privilege is not intended for percent monthly plan for percent weekly plan, NetDE long term for NetDE long term.
・It becomes condition for the point addition to be Ponta card member.
・It is necessary to have you make entry the point addition of scratch card from PC or cell-phone in you.
・As scratch card has expiration date, please be careful.
・You want and may not attach kind of drink.
 In addition, at normal temperature thank you for your understanding handing beforehand.

【 The details, entry from route in Ponta point concierge! ]

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