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News (November 1, 2008 ...) of PC Rentals service start

We start rental of PC on November 1, 2008 at the following hotel. Including time when want to appreciate time and DVD which were necessary suddenly in business trip destination you have please use casually.

■Introduction hotel
HOTEL ROUTE-INN, HOTEL ROUTE-INN coat, hotel Grand tear, stone wall rizotoguranviriohoteru, Makubetsu, Tokachi hot spring guranviriohoteru
■Charge: 1000 yen per night
■Rental product: Note PC body / PC Power Adapter / mouse / mousepad / use guide (Class two pieces)
・Internet reading (Microsoft Internet Explorer)
・Word processor / spreadsheet / presentation document editing (Excel, Word, PowerPoint data editing possibility)
・CD/DVD reproduction
・Image editing
・Acrobat Reader

※It is equipped with virtual keyboard input function corresponding to all the countries of the world word input.
※It is equipped with automatic data erasure function. Use information is removed just to turn off power supply of PC.
※Please note that number includes limit.

[as for the details this]

Please order on the use casually to the front desk.

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