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Information for charge stands setting for electric car

In ROUTE-INN HOTELS, there is hotel installing the charge stands for electric car in. (200 stores) please refer to list of setting hotels.

[specifications of battery charger]

・All the charge apparatuses of our setting are "normal battery chargers".
(reference: in Nissan leaf for full charge around eight hours.)
・Setting radix of the charge stands varies according to stores, but is one engine - two engines.
・Please refer to contact information listed in the battery charger body for contact information at operation method reference of battery charger, trouble.
・Please move vehicle without modelling after charge with parking vehicle before battery charger as much as possible.

※Please order at the time of accommodation on the use.

・The logo mark mentioned above is available by displayed member card.
Information about chajisuruzo battery charger from this
NCS combination company Japan charge service

List of charge stands setting hotels

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